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Active Birth Workshop

Preparation for birth

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YogaBirth Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga

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Support for labour and birth

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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a light touch approach to working with the holistic system of the body.

Yoga For Healthy Backs

Yoga for Healthy Backs, is a 12 week course designed to help you work with and manage your on going back issues. Home work provided and guidance given.


YogaBirth prenatal yoga classes are designed for pregnant woman to help with the changes that occur during pregnancy. As part of the preparation for labour and birth.

Scaravelli Yoga Workshop

Yoga workshop, exploring asanas, breath, gravity, stillness and yoga nidra

Arlene has a unique gift of inspiring total calmness and self-belief in you while at the same time being totally no-nonsense tough when it comes to standing up and advocating for you with medical professionals. I felt total trust in her for my entire labour and will always be immensely grateful.   You made me feel “mighty” Arlene and after that labour I’ll never question my own strength or the sheer power of nature.  That said, I won’t be trusting nature to go it alone because I wouldn’t be without you if we ever have a number 2.”  Anna Birtwistle & Andrew, July 2016 (baby Enzo)