• Back from India

    Posted on May 5, 2015 by in Home Birth

    2015-03-23 19.28.41 2015-03-25 19.27.50Hello all, I am now back from India and eager to get our yoga practice up and running.

    I know I set several groups homework, while I was away.  I am almost betting that maybe one day got done, but somehow not all the homework was done.

    Okay, no need chastising yourself.  Lets start from where we are now.  Take a deep breath in and breath out.  Feel your bottom on your chair, plant your feet on the ground and lengthen your spine.

    Move your head gently and rhythmically from side to side.  Breath into the top of your lungs and lift your shoulders and then let them drop down your back.

    Re connect with your sit bones on the chair, now experience your whole body feeling more alive and awake.  Intertwine your fingers in front of the body and push your hands up to the ceiling and feel that lovely stretch throughout your body. Stay there for a few observed, mindful breaths and then bring the down onto your lap.

    Interlace the opposite way and do it again, now your feeling more awake.

    Re ground your feet, let the hands rest on your knees and observe the breath as it floats pass the tip of your now and you feel the whole body being energised by your in and out breath.

    So lets get back into the yoga grove and get the mat down by the bed and spend 5-15mins a day doing some gentle yoga postures, to wake up the body, mind and our spirits.

    Feel alive and vital, with your yoga practice, include some observation of the breath, savasana and a few gentle stretches and you will begin to feel like connecting  with the world and opening up your body for the potential of the day.  Be alive, be awake with yoga.

    Whether you are pregnant or just wanting some one to one or group practice, come and join my classes and have fun. www.arlenedunkley-wood.co.uk