Pregnancy Yoga the first trimester

DSCF0196[1]The first trimester can be a trying time for the women.  The egg is implanted and the body is making major adjustments hormonally.

She will often feel sick and nauseous.  For some women, this may carry on beyond the first 3 months.

This is a time to stay calm and relaxed.  Gentle yoga postures can help you through this time.  CRP (constructive relaxation poses), gentle breathing and  stretches can all help to relieve some if not all of the fatigue symptoms of early pregnancy.

Make sure you keep hydrated and eat little and often to keep blood sugar up.

The yoga will help keep blood pressure balanced and help circulation.

Visualization and positive affirmation help you come to terms with the challenges of early pregnancy, for this transformational change in your life.

Take regular walks (the fresh open air can sometimes blow away that nauseous feeling).  You will feel sleepy and it is good to get into a routine of a short afternoon nap, if possible.

Autumn tips for health

Autumn is here, the nights are drawing in and the nights are a lot colder.  This is the time of the year that we may catch  a cold or feel the flu coming.

singleoilsdoTERRA’s Onguard pillets and peppermint pillets took regularly can help to keep those symptoms at bay.  Breath another of their essential oils is very useful for keeping the sinuses open and help to prevent catarrh.  ” I use a drop of breath on my hanky before going out, I find it clears my head and protects me from any germs I may pick up?”  says Kalpna. visit my doTERRA  website to get this Autumns product to help protect yourself through the winter months.

I use doTERRA CPTG Onguard concentrate on wiping down surfaces, in my dishwasher and washing machine on helping protect the internal environment from bacteria and also to not use petrochemical toxins which compromise the immune system.

First thing in the morning I drink a warm glass of water with a couple of drops of lemon, lime and slim and sassy oils in it.  I may sip a glass of lemon & lime during the day.  I find it detoxes my body and boost my energy.

I have also notice that since using these oils I am less tired when driving.  The peppermint oil definitely opens my sinuses and keeps my mind clear and alert.

The fennel oil helps my digestion and digestize is a very good one for chronic digestive issues.

Finally to help me have a restful sleep I use serenity mood oil in a diffuser and lavender and peppermint oils on the sole of my feet.  Now I am ready for bed.  Good night.