• Breech Home Birth

    Posted on October 25, 2015 by in Home Birth

    One of my amazing woman gave birth at home.  Now that may not be extra ordinary in itself.  But when I tell you that this is her second home birth, that she is type 1 diabetic and that the baby was in a breech position, then you will realise that she ticked the box for 2 major complications.  Diabetic ( type 1) which means she had to watch very closely her glucose levels so that she doesn’t go into  hypo and also, there is a knock on effect that the babies glucose levels maybe not quite at normal levels for a new born baby and that baby can go into hyper glycemic state soon after birth.

    The second issue is breech delivery.  Most breech births now a days are delivered in hospital by c-sections.  There is little encouragement for the woman to birth vaginally, and there is great emphasis on external version (turning the baby into a cephalic positions – head down).  Some times it works and baby stays head down and other times the baby just flips back.

    Gail Tullys website www.spinningbabies.com is one to visit to get more information on how to turn your baby to get it into a cephalic position.

    My woman, knew instinctively that this baby was just not budging, all the muxabusions and spinning baby technics in the world was not going to budge this little one.  So she resigned herself to having a battle with her local hospital midwives, and decided to hire independent midwives who would support her choice of home birth and breech home birth at that.

    If I was honest, although I trust every woman and her innate wisdom, on this occasion I was a little bit worried.

    She religiously attended the prenatal classes I teach weekly and when she didn’t appear for a couple of weeks, and I didn’t get a call I was worried.

    I held back, and eventually got an email saying she had birthed her 8lb 45oz son at home as wanted; a extended breech delivered by very skilful Maya Midwives.

    Well done Lauren you are an absolute star.  She roared her baby out.2015-03-30 19.36.46