DSCF1922A doula is a person who helps support the women and her partner in the lead up to and throughout the birth process.

Historically that experience and women to women wisdom was passed down from mother, to daughter.  But in our society it is not always possible or even at times wise for someone too close in relation to be present.


Having someone who hasn’t got an agenda other than to give love and the personal emotional care needed in the moment is all that you need.  Partners, are there for that, but often times women also need another women with a deep understanding of the birth process to give them that little confidence that they need to go forwards.

Current research shows that by having a doula present, there is a better chance of preventing, Induction, intervention or instrumental delivery.

  • The women feels listened too.
  • Empowered and trusted.

The birth process for each women is different, but the main focus is to gently remind the woman that her body is amazing and that her body is uniquely designed to give birth to her baby in her own way.

I have been a doula for over 23 years and I have had the pleasure of being invited on many occasions to bare  witness and be an advocate to women from all backgrounds.  Each birth is unique. I attended planned natural home births, natural hospital birth to vbacs and caesarian sections in a hospital and midwife led units.  I have attended most London hospitals and work to build a good working relationship with the medical staff attending to my client and her partner.

My philosophy on birth is that I bring myself and my years as a birth educator, teacher and doula to couples I work with, as well as 23 years of practical doula experience.  Offering reassurance to assist the woman and her partner to have a calm, gentle and conscious birth as is physically possible.

There will be times of laughter, challenges, dancing and praise.  We all work together.  The partners involvement is crucial to the encouragement of correct hormonal realise.  I pride myself that I have never come across a couple that doesn’t feel we have worked together as a team.  I am not there to be in the way of  what is a beautiful and life affirming time in the couples life.  I am there for them in whatever way they may need to encourage confidence in the woman body to birth their baby calmly, safely and powerfully.

My role is not in a medical capacity.  Doulas are there to give emotional and physical support akin to mothering and we take our code of conduct very seriously.

I have been a member of Doula UK since 2004.  I am currently a Doula Mentor for new mentee doulas as part of their in-depth training.

My name is Arlene Dunkley-Wood,  I love helping you dance your baby out. I would love to be your doula.  Please read the testimonials to get a first hand voice of the women that I have worked with over the years.

I work only with one couple per month.  So you can be assured I am there for you 99.9%.

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