Prenatal yoga

  • Pregnant women who are 14 weeks into their pregnancy onwards.  The classes work best when you start early and carry on throughout your pregnancy until birth.
  • Teach you practical techniques to help your body release and relax in preparation for labour e.g. water as a form of pain relief
  • Demonstrate the importance of breathing for relaxation, focus & natural pain relief
  • Provide a time for relaxation in the midst of a stressful situation
  • Give you an opportunity to meet other pregnant women, relax and have fun.
  • Facilitate discussions about changes/discomforts that occur during the pregnancy and issues around pregnancy, labour & birth
  • Explore appropriate and effective yoga positions to aid labour e.g. using gravity
  • Show you ways of using a birth ball and birthing pool
  • Create a space to share experiences of pregnancy and birth, which can help the individual as well as the whole group
  • Offering you over 2 decades of Active Birth/YogaBirth experience and expertise.

The class finishes with refreshments. You are welcome to bring bottled water into class. You are invited to bring your own blankets, cushions and yoga mats, although yoga mats are provided.

Where are the classes held?:

Saturday mornings 8.30-10.00am: Saturdays 25 November – 30 December 2017 @ Wanstead Quaker Meeting House

Wednesday evenings 6:30pm-7.45pm @ Barkantine Practice, Isle of Dogs: Ongoing sessions.  (book above

New term and New Year begins 6 January 2018

Bookings and payments are in advance for consecutive weeks.

How to book:

You can book register online:

6-weekly bookings

10-week block

Introductory drop in session (one permitted per term) £18.00 pay on the day (prenatal yoga only)

You may attend both Aqua natal and prenatal yoga at the same time.  If you are interested in doing both, please email for full details.

Register your interest by booking for the first session via the paypal button above.

What is the price?

Registration £10

6-weekly consecutive weekly blocks £105 

(discount price) 10-week block – consecutive weekly classes£170(no registration fee, 10-week block).

Weekly drop-in fee: available to women from 39-weeks only £16 drop in for first trial class only.

Concessions : available to women on benefit (2-spaces available) discount off 10% discount off 10-weekly block only

Who should attend? These classes are for all pregnant women who are in their second and third trimester.  It is considered a necessary  part of her antenatal care.  It is suitable for the experienced and beginner yoga students alike.

How can I register?: To book register via PayPal button at top of this page.

How can I pay?

You can pay in three ways, direct transfer and by card (sum up) or paypal on this page.  To secure your place you need to register in advance use the PayPal buy button on this page.  . *(pp incurs a 3.7% admin fee) or full payment to my account 72454150 08-92-86.  (Please email with registration form to confirm booking)

How many people in a class?

There will be maximum 14 women in each group.

How do I register my interest?

To register for a class please email for Registrationform2017and Terms and conditions2017What if I leave the group early?

This is a closed private group and as such a two-week notice period is required when cancelling.  If your baby arrives early, please get your partner to email me immediately to prevent you being charged any further for classes.

Are there refunds?

Sorry, we are unable to make refunds.

Can I transfer to another class?

Sorry, classes are booked for consecutive weeks.  One class can be carried over if you have made the 10-weekly block booking. (you have 10 weeks to make up classes missed in another class – only applicable to 10-weekly blocked classes)

HELP! If you know of any venues in Stratford or Tower Hamlets that would be suitable for prenatal yoga or aqua natal yoga, please contact me.

To get an idea of YogaBirth classes watch this video: YogaBirth .


“Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed yoga last night – I’ve never had such a thorough and perceptive teacher. Can tell I’m going to learn loads. Thank you!” Shiona, November 2016

“I had another cesarean section.  But I feel more in control and have been able to breastfeed this baby more easily this time.  I am so grateful for that time to prepare for this birth, and all the work we did previously with breastfeeding has made this second experience so much easier” Kate, August 2015

“I had a elective c-section, but I felt that the preparation with the yoga classes really helped with my recovery. ” Hilary, Oct 2015“I gave birth to a beautiful princess Martyna (3.55kg) at the Barkantine birth centre. The birth was so different to my first one. So much better. I had a water birth 🙂 and it was amazing, she came out so quickly, within 10min. The whole labour took only 4h (it was an active birth). Plus the staff at the birth centre were very nice and kind which makes so much better environment for birth. Such a contrast to whips cross labour ward. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. ” Marta, April 2014

” I know for sure that if I hadn’t had the yoga classes with Arlene in my first pregnancy I wouldn’t have had such a relaxed and gentle birth.  Even after 3 days of on and off labour.   My second birth I was too busy to get to the yoga and I really felt the difference.  I wish I had been as dedicated as I was with the first… My advice to everyone is to attend the Yoga sessions with Arlene.  It is a good opportunity to relax and connect with your body.  The midwives could not believe how relaxed I was..” Alma (reflections February 2014)


“All the information, breathing, and visualizations attained in the yoga classes with Arlene helped me to achieve a vaginal birth.  Thank you Arlene” Asma, Feb 2014

“I thoroughly enjoyed the ante-natal yoga sessions. They’ve been a time for me to completely switch off from the outside world and focus on me and my baby, which can be difficult when you’re working. Arlene creates a space which blends yoga moves with relaxation, experience sharing and discussion. She is very adaptive and responds to the needs of individuals in the group. Arlene uses a range of techniques to help support you physically and emotionally- I feel completely ready for my baby’s birth and attribute a lot of this to the support I’ve received from Arlene.” – Kelly, November 2012

“Your breathing technique advice really helped me during contractions and when pushing. Once again thanks for the great experience at your classes!” – Victoria, October 2012

“A big thank-you Arlene for teaching me how to relax and find my inner calm…  A word to the girls – to focus, relax and breath.” – Theresa, August 2012

“All the yoga was very useful during the contractions and I was mindful to stay relaxed which I’m sure helped.” – Lucy, June 2012

“I had non-identical twins on 2nd May, and my recovery is much better this time round from C-Section than last time and I put that to the yoga so I thank you.” – Grace, May 2012

“I started yoga with Arlene at around week 16. I found the support & guidance of the sessions a great help throughout my pregnancy & during labour…the breathing techniques & visualizations really helped throughout this time. I loved every minute of the classes & meeting the other ladies.” – Louise, May 2012

“I really enjoyed the yoga and the wind-down visualization is very helpful – Not being afraid of what is happening – understanding that it is what your body needs to do!. Thank you, Arlene, for your teaching.” – Ciara, September 2011

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