Yoga for Healthy Backs with Yoga Nidra

This yoga class is suitable if you have a reoccurring back, neck or spinal issue, which conventional medicine does not seem not resolve.  This is a 11 – week program, designed with the University of York and endorsed by Arthritis  Research UK.


This course is an evidence- based program (See the York Trial for more details).  It is a self-management program which gives you the tools to manage your back issues.

I have made this course in 2 parts.  Part 1 which runs for 6-weeks to get you going on the basics and is for everyone who wants to learn how to manage their ongoing back issue.  Part 2 5-12 is the progressive postures for when you are feeling more confident with your management and want to move onto more progressive postures, with the intention of ongoing practice for a healthy back and life.

Dates of course: New dates Sunday evenings 
Introduction to YHLB with yoga nidra 

5 January 2017 7-8.30pm

Maximum 10 people
Winter Term
 5 January 2018
Venue: Quaker Meeting House, E11 3AU

Bookings are taken for  the whole 12-week programme or can be paid within two parts STO or post-date the cheque for second half required.

*If you are experiencing long-term chronic back pain, you need to see your GP. This is a management program for your back issues, which should be taken after GP consultation.

31k+t36PiKL._SL500_AA300_**Homework: book & cd will need to be purchased and are an essential part of this program.  These can be bought online through amazon or at the first session of the course.


Just to say I’ve really enjoyed the yoga for healthy backs course. It has taught me more back exercises and extensions of exercises I already knew. I have had back problems for quite a few years because of a bad posture, carrying heavy camera equipment when I was working in TV, and more recently after having three little boys – a toddler and twin babies and having to lift them a lot. The class has helped me gain more insight into where my back issues come from – eg my shoulder. I do the exercises at home as much as a I can and I will continue to use the ones I feel most effective. Lynsey March 2014